Stretch Tents For Sale in Potchefstroom

Get stretch tents for sale in South Africa and across the world at affordable prices. Choose high-quality pvc stretch materials that outperform regular cheap synthetic materials that are often found on the market. We aim to provide the best and most affordable stretch marquees there is.

They are tested to endure KZN’s sometimes harsh heat and other adverse weather conditions to ensure it can withstand changing weather conditions.

It is waterproof as well as weatherproof and is protective from the elements at your outdoor functions, parties and events. Order a customisable stretch tent to match your event theme, guest size and celebration type.

stretch tents 10m x 10m
stretch tents
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stretch tents 10m x 20m for sale
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Why Buy Bedouin Stretch Tents?

Our bedouin stretch tents are 100% water repellant and contains PVC stretch material that is either polyester or polyurethane for durability and flexibility. It makes for easy manipulation to the shapes and style you require the stretch tent to look and feel like at your event. We highly recommend a good quality stretch tent material:

  • for long-term usage
  • Waterproofing
  • Uses UV stabilizing material to protect heavy sunlight
  • Weatherproof

Our stretch tents make things much easier with its simple assembling, extremely lightweight and much easy to manoeuvre around uneven spaces and take just a few men to erect the tent in no time at all.